Provide hydration at every level of skin and lock in all nutrients inside-out to prevent moisture loss
Boost collagen production to visibly minimize fine lines & wrinkles and nourish deeply to keep skin rejuvenated, supple, radiant
Lightweight, refreshing, gel type of aqua cream absorbs quickly into your skin and leave it hydrated and glowy
Long-lasting hydration booster filled with 3 different types of hyaluronic acid to quench any type of skin and leave it dewy, supple, and soft.

A fresh gel-texture cream that forms a water barrier, filling the skin with ample moisture.
Various moisturizing and soothing ingredients cool the heated and tired skin smoothly.
Strengthens the skin barrier and prevents moisture evaporation, keeping the skin moist.

You can apply this powerful all-day-long hydrating aqua cream everyday day and night alone.
Simply apply after cleansing & toning.
All-day-long skin needs nutrients are packed in a bottle.
Due to the nutrient-rich formula and highly quenching texture, only a quarter-sized amount is needed.

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