Hand sanitizer ingredients

In this article, we want to provide you with information about hand sanitizer ingredients so that you can acquire this product with an ease of mind.

Alcohol, which is between 60 and 70 percent, is the most common hand sanitizer, and alcohol has antibacterial properties that are very effective in killing germs. Many people believe that alcohol can damage the skin of the hands and its repeated use should not be done at all.

There are different types of alcohol that can be used to disinfect hands, which does not damage the skin, and the alcohol in hand sanitizers is completely different from industrial alcohols and other alcohols.

Pure hand sanitizers

The disinfectants we present to you contain compounds such as aloe vera extract and dry tea extract that protect against dry skin. Alcohol alone may dry out the skin of the hands, but when combined with these extracts, it can prevent dryness and cracking of the skin, and the skin on your hands will remain soft and supple as before.

Using this product with alcohol and antioxidant extracts of green tea and aloe vera can clear your hands of up to 99.99% of germs and viruses.

Hand Sanitizer Canada

Types of hand sanitizers

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The difference between hand sanitizers and other disinfectants

Hand sanitizers are substances that do not damage the skin and are only used to disinfect hands.

Even hand sanitizers should not be used on the face or other parts of the body because these ingredients are absorbent and can enter the eyes and even the mouth. Surface disinfectants are completely different and should not be used to disinfect hands at all.

The percentage of alcohol and the type of alcohol used in them and even other chemical compounds in the product are mixed and created in such a way that it is only suitable for disinfecting surfaces. The biggest mistake most people make is to use industrial alcohol directly to disinfect their hands.

Industrial alcohols are very harmful to the skin and are completely different from the alcohol in sanitizers, and it has another effect.

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