How to use a hand sanitizer

In this article, we are going to explain how to use a hand sanitizer correctly so that you can clean your hands well from any germs and viruses.

A hand sanitizer is a product that is used instead of soap and water when needed and have antimicrobial properties.

The way you use them is that when water and soap are not available, you pour a certain amount of hand sanitizer on the palm of your hand. Your palms have the most contact with germs, so first cover your palms thoroughly with the hand sanitizer.

After opening the palms of your hands, go to the back of your hands and fingertips and make sure that all parts of your hands, including your fingertips, finger lines, and fingernails, have been disinfected. Make sure you do not have a ring, watch or bracelet on your hand when disinfecting your hands, so that all parts of your hands are well cleaned.

Hand sanitizers do not require rinsing and are such that your hands are completely dry after a short time. Now, you have rid your hands of germs and viruses in a matter of seconds, but sanitizers are not suitable for other types of hand infections.

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The difference between a hand sanitizer and soap

Does a hand sanitizer do the same work as soap and water?

A hand sanitizer is solely used to kill viruses and germs and are used when necessary. If your hands are very dirty, you cannot use hand sanitizers anymore to clean them, and you must wash your hands with soap and water.

Soap and other cleaning agents are completely different from a hand sanitizer and completely remove all dirt on the hands.

Disadvantages of hand sanitizers

A Hand sanitizer may dry out the skin due to alcohol, which is annoying for many people. Therefore, most disinfectants use various moisturizers and extracts to prevent dry skin.

Hand sanitizers are very good for killing germs and viruses, but they are not recommended for getting rid of dirt and grime. Where water and cleaning agents are available, you can clean your hands thoroughly and kill all germs and viruses, and a hand sanitizer is used for emergencies.

Note: When cleaning your hands with hand sanitizers, avoid touching your eyes and mouth!

Tip: Hand sanitizers are only used to clean hands and you must not use this to disinfect other parts of the body (eyes, ears, nose, mouth).

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