Usage dose of hand sanitizer in Canada

In recent months, the Usage dose of hand sanitizer in Canada has increased dramatically due to the widespread prevalence of coronavirus, which has multiplied the importance of using this product.

Personal hygiene is essential in Canada, and the use of health products has increased dramatically in recent months. Products such as gloves, masks, hand sanitizers and face shields are the most popular products.

Due to the high consumption of hand sanitizers in Canada, this product may be limited in some areas and not everyone may be able to obtain this product. On the other hand, having this product is essential for everyone and its existence can prevent our health from being endangered.

To better understand the importance of clean hands, let us give an example. Suppose you have to leave home to do something and take a bus or taxi. Your hands may hit the bus bar or the door handle, and you will have to touch the banknote when you reach your destination.

All of these objects that you have touched may be infected with the virus and transmitted to your hands. Now, if you touch another person, you have easily transmitted the virus to the other person.

Viruses are very small, microscopic particles that are not visible to the naked eye, making the hands appear clean. If you put infected hands in your mouth, nose and eyes, you have introduced the virus into your body. After a few days, the virus infects various parts of the body and endangers your health.

But there is a simple way to prevent all this from happening. Going back to where you were, after touching another object or person, you can use a hand sanitizer to significantly kill viruses and germs in your hand.

By doing so, you have not endangered both your health and the health of your loved ones, and by doing so, you have cut off the virus transmission cycle. If everyone has a hand sanitizer and disinfects their hands after doing anything, there will be no problem and they can destroy the corona virus sooner.

Although the Usage dose of hand sanitizer in Canada has increased, some people still do not use this product or have not been able to get it. We recommend that you follow the hygienic protocols to maintain your health and the health of others and take the use of masks and hand sanitizers seriously.

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Important points about hand sanitizer

  • Hand sanitizer for external use and strictly avoid internal use.
  • Do not place products such as hand sanitizers that contain alcohol in a warm place, in direct sunlight or on fire.
  • Do not apply hand sanitizer to your eyes, mouth and nose.
  • Avoid buying handmade sanitizers without a name and logo.
  • Clean your hands thoroughly with hand sanitizer when using and be careful not to touch your eyes or mouth with your hands after use.
  • No need to rinse or dry your hands after using hand sanitizer.
  • Herbal extracts and emollients are used in hand sanitizers to prevent dry skin.

Sales of hand sanitizers in Canada

Considering the amount of Usage dose of hand sanitizer in Canada, it can be understood that the use of this product is very important. This product is currently widely available to the public and is used in public places such as hospitals, restaurants, hotels and offices.

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