The importance of using a hand sanitizer

Many people have little knowledge about the importance of using a hand sanitizer and do not pay attention to it and do everything with the same dirty hands.

Today, because of the abundance of germs and viruses, we must pay more attention to the health of our body and our hands have the most contact with germs.

Germs are microscopic organisms that are not visible to the naked eye. If you look at your hands, they are clean in appearance, but millions of organisms can be seen under a microscope. In some seasons, some diseases like the flu reach their peak and the necessary measures must be taken for the health of the body.

Staying away from sick people, washing hands frequently, disinfecting contaminated environments, strengthening the immune system, etc. are among the first steps in this regard. One of the most common causes of getting diseases is transmission from hand to mouth, which viruses use to easily enter your body and causes various diseases.

But what is the solution and what should be done to prevent its transfer?

Prevent the transmission of germs

There are several ways to prevent germs from entering the body, one of the easiest of which is to use a hand sanitizer.

As we have said, our hands are most exposed to germs and viruses, and the use of a hand sanitizer can kill them. A hand sanitizer with antibacterial properties can kill up to 99.99% of germs.

Alcohol is the highest percentage of hand sanitizer, which is useful for killing germs.

Disinfectants often contain between 60 and 70% alcohol, which is very effective against bacteria and viruses. Alcohol-based disinfectants such as isopropyl alcohol or ethyl alcohol are some of the best sanitizers.

In addition to alcohol, moisturizers are used in a hand sanitizer to prevent dry and cracked skin. These materials hydrate and soften the skin of the hand and are not harmful to the skin and can be used by all age groups.

Now that you are aware of the importance of using a hand sanitizer, you can always have one of them with you to use it when needed.

Original or counterfeit disinfectant?

There are genuine and counterfeit goods all over the world, and it is the consumer who must pay attention to all the points when buying.

Counterfeit disinfectants are made from substandard raw materials that can cause serious damage to the skin of the hand.

Counterfeit disinfectants are often anonymous, so avoid buying unidentified and unbranded disinfectants. Original disinfectants have an information leaflet and are delivered to the customer in a sealed package.

To buy original disinfectants, buy from reputable stores and well-known companies, and pay attention to its brochure when buying.

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