In this article, we want to provide you with information about the antiseptic effect of the hand sanitizer on the skin so that you are aware of the features of this product.

Many people believe that using hand sanitizer can damage the skin and therefore do not use this product. In response to this belief, it can be said that hand sanitizers with their compounds do not harm the skin of the hand in any way.

The alcohol used in hand sanitizers is ethanol alcohol. ethanol alcohol has the property of killing germs and viruses, and 70% of ethanol alcohol is usually used in hand sanitizers.

To keep the hands soft and supple, plant extracts and hand emollients are used in a hand sanitizer so as not to damage the skin. Using this product not only does not damage the skin, but also cleanses the hands.

But when buying, you should pay attention to the brand of the product and its originality. There are many counterfeit and counterfeit brands in this field that consumers use without knowing this type of products and may even cause serious damage to the skin of the hand.

To buy a hand sanitizer, be sure to refer to reputable centers or reputable online stores, and be sure to pay attention to the brand and packaging of the product, and avoid buying products that you do not know or have unsanitary packaging.

Hand sanitizer ingredients

Ethanol alcohol, which is suitable for disinfection, is used in a hand sanitizer.

There are many who confuse ethanol and methanol with each other, and methanol is much more dangerous despite its resemblance to ethanol.

Methanol alcohol is suitable for industrial work and should not come into contact with the skin of the hand in any way. Methanol and ethanol alcohols are similar in appearance but their uses are different.

Ethanol alcohol makes up between 60 and 70 percent of a hand sanitizer, and contrary to some beliefs, the amount of alcohol depends on various factors, and if a product has a higher percentage of alcohol, it is not for the better.

In addition to the alcohol in a hand sanitizer, other chemical compounds are used and also plant extracts such as aloe vera extract and green tea are used to keep the skin of the hands as soft and supple as before.

By reading this article, you have gained the necessary knowledge about the antiseptic effect of the hand sanitizer on the skin, and now you can safely buy and use this product.

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Hands are the most important place for germs and viruses to accumulate, and if you do not have access to soap and water outdoors, you can use this product to clean your hands.

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