The novel Coronavirus effect

During this tragedy time Canadian People are doing everything and anything to learn how they can help reduce the spread of COVID-19 and keep their self safe.

When we called the pandemic there have been very little sources of comfort with so many unknowns around us with new virus with every hour new information regarding CORONA virus (COVID-19)

Sometimes the new info completely contradicts the info we just Heard a few hours ago, Look like learning on the fly and relaying that information in real-time to us.

Hand Sanitizer

It has decimated populations like the horrible events seen in Italy, Spain,.. and has effects to economies, especially in the US and in our country Canada.

Many people believes the effects to the economy and our health has just begun and we are in the beginning of  this uncomfortable and horrible reality for the following years and some people look at the scientific  to get a vaccine in place.

We have bad situation in Canada from business owner to employees and students, more than 70 percent of job owner shut down their job temporarily and just waiting to hear news to could open again and back to society, restaurants are having to shut down, a lot of companies must lay of their employees to could be breath.

Hand Sanitizer

All people  is being damage hard directly or indirectly from these happened.

small businesses get hit very hard and they just hope to get help from government.

Actually Governments with their help like CERB and loan to small businesses and also help to pay rent of places for few months has good rule to control this situation and I personally thanks of Justin Trudeau.

We are all stuck inside, and it is a very helpless feeling.

In the meantime, government officials from all around the world have been urging their citizens to do whatever they can to help reduce the spread of COVID-19.

Our company was a one of that companies who try to help our communities with supply products for safety against Corona virus ( COVID-19)

Use a safe & effective alcohol based hand sanitizer

Pure Hand Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer has alcohol and for that’s why placed between drug class in Health Canada and its very important to use correct and safe hand sanitizer with great ingredients because your safety is important and in the other hand when we use this product continuously we have choose a product with good moisturizer ingredient to keep fresh our hands.

Health Canada has been giving advices and solutions  for how Canadians people can do their part to help reduce the spread of this disease.

According to Health Canada, aside from washing your hands, the next best thing you can do is clean your hands, and other surfaces for that matter, with hand sanitizer and soap.

Pure Hand Sanitizer Gel has Aloe Vera extract and Green Tea extract provides a barrier of protection for your skin against the drying effect of alcohol.  Gentle to skin, lethal to germs. Safe for all ages.

90% of Alcohol sanitizers dry and irritate your skin after repeated use. Pure Hand Sanitizer Gel offers a smooth feeling without dryness or irritation by combining alcohol with Green Tea extract antioxidant and Aloe vera extract.

How use the hand sanitizer

You need make sure using a Hand sanitizer with at least 60% alcohol-base.

And also make sure the hand sanitizer you want to using is on the Health Canada list of approved hand sanitizers with NPN number.

Health Canada published an article about the dangers of using homemade hand sanitizers, and the importance of using a safe and effective hand sanitizer product.

The best way to guarantee you are using a safe and effective hand sanitizer is  using one on Health Canada’s approved list.

Statics sales of Hand sanitizer are super high

Our hand sanitizers are a 70% alcohol-based Gel that come in 3 different bottle sizes: one perfect for travel, another for homes and a larger commercial size hand sanitizer.

Md Pro corp  is a Health Canada approved hand sanitizer supplier, selling hand sanitizer Gel bottles manufactured by a microbiological company in South Korea and has CE,GMP,FDA,ISO.

How you could order?

You could reach our website ( or our social media (Instagram,facebook,..) or contact us directly or by email.

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