The Désembre At Home Cell Lift S – PDRN Therapy is an extremely perfect treatment for effective skin regeneration and revitalization. With ingredients extracted from salmon and active ingredients that are beneficial to the skin, Désembre At Home Cell Lift S – PDRN Therapy is a line of skin care and therapies used at home that are perfect for creating so the stretch, youthfulness, regenerating skin texture, increasing radiant beauty.

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With the natural living energy abundant from salmon and rare nutrients, S – PDRN Core Vital Ampoule brings great effects to the skin, helping to regenerate skin texture, release pressure on the surface. skin easily, giving skin a shiny, youthful look.

  Improve wrinkles & increase elasticity, replenish the concentrated energy of salmon DNA to the skin without irritation Improves skin & keeps skin free from external irritants and stresses, while strengthening the weak skin barrier and helping skin regain its natural health.  Whitening & vitality effects, containing many active ingredients, Niacinamide and natural botanical extracts help improve rough skin to become smooth Active ingredients in spider silk protein structure, snail extract help to provide moisture and nutrients for skin to be moisturized and soft.

Use morning and night after the last toner cleansing step. Use an amount of S – PDRN Core Vital Ampoule first on the skin, then let the nutrients penetrate the skin within 1-2 minutes and finally use S – PDRN Core Vital Cream

CAUTION For external use only,

Keep out of reach of children

Hyunjin C&T has exclusively introduced well-known cosmetic skin care abroad from France, Italy, Spain, USA, Canada, Netherland, Germanys. And so on. they have been loved by local dermatologist and beauticians from beauty salons in terms of high quality and effects.

Also, Hyunjin is a specialized cosmetic company that leads the innovation of domestic cosmetic market throughout constant study and development based on wide experience and technical skills.

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Dosage form

S – PDRN Core Vital Ampoule 1.5ml x 10ea.
S – PDR Core Vital Cream 50gx


Niacinamide, Salmon DNA, Adenosine Pine, Red Pine Oil, Spider Silk Peptide, Snail Mucus, Cheek Extract, 9 Natural Plant Extracts

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