Defeat Band


Defeat the Virus

Keep wearing Defeat the Virus helps to keep the virus from growing.  Little habits in life Defeat the Virus.Defeat the Virus antibacterial band protects you up to 240 hours from external viruses and pathogens.


Defeat the Virus Antibacterial Band contains catechin and pulse energy Jeju rock water treatment green tea powder, which is safe from pathogens, viruses, harmful chemicals, and radiation, and prevents cold virus and cell virus infection.

  • Use it on belts, bags, wrists, bicycles, strollers, etc.
  • Use 2 band when you are in a public place and crowded place
  • When you don’t use it, please put it back to package and save it there

Defeat the Virus antibacterial band protects you up to 240 hours from external viruses and pathogens.


Virus removal

Germ removal

Mold removal

Harmful insects Eradication


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Antibacterial, heavy metal detoxification, antioxidant effect, anticancer effect, heart disease prevention, anti-cholesterol, and human toxic effects are deeply involved in the resistance to pathogens It is also an essential ingredient to protect cells from harmful oxygen.

Pulse Energy Jeju Lava Water Treatment Green Tea Powder

It inhibits the activity of the virus and prevents the cells of the body from being infected by the virus. The sea water is filtered by basalt layers over a long period of time and contains rare minerals in the seawater that penetrates to the land. It is combined with Jeju lava water that can be protected. It is an ingredient with excellent sterilizing power and stable 100% natural ingredient.

Tea tree oil

An oil that works effectively against bacteria, viruses and fungi and increases immunity. It was widely known when the results of the study showed that the disinfectant effect of Titur is 13 times higher than phenol.

Stabilizer (Rape Oil)

It is an additive ingredient to make the antimicrobial component last longer by the action of substances, heat, light, microorganisms, etc., added to prevent the change of state or chemical when it is left or preserved

Peppermint Oil

Excellent antimicrobial effect helps to improve health function of mind and body It also activates energy, soothes redness, inflammation, and relieves pain.


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