Cell Factory-Hydracell Aqua Ampoule

No skin can suffice moisture. In the absence of hydration, the skin becomes vulnerable to fine lines. Cell Factory Hydracell Aqua Ampoule contains 89 types of protein to sustain healthy firmer skin. Plus, 7 types of Hyaluronic Acid not only feeds up moisture but retains it all up. This Ampoule has amazing moisture power which guarantees results. Use every day and feel the difference.

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A DIY blending ampoule that can be mixed with other Cell Factory Ampoules with the applicator. The Hydracell Aqua Ampoule fills the dry skin with ample moisture of various moisturizing ingredients. The tight and viscous ampoule texture without stickiness adheres the ample moisture to the skin.

Edelweiss Stem Cell: Highly concentrated Edelweiss Stem Cell provides essential skin nutrients to recharge & replenish tired, dull skin intensively.
Powerful hydration: Combined with 7 different short & long chains of hyaluronic acid molecules to deliver long-lasting hydration & moisture deep into the skin.
Nano-size ingredients: Rich peptide formulated into nano-size molecules penetrates better & deeper.
Collagen production: Accelerates skin cell regeneration to reduce visible fine lines & wrinkles. Use daily for firmer skin every day!
Densed & Packed moisture: Lightweight texture & easy absorbing formula. Finish with refreshing feeling without sitting heavy on the skin.

1. Pull up the cap and open
2. Hold the bottle upsidedown with the applicator injected and then dispense the desired amount.
3. Place the container upright, and take out the applicator. Dispense the content on your hands and apply on your face.

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