In this article, we are with you with the specifications of Soart hand sanitizer and we intend to explain the specifications of this product to the applicants.

Soart hand sanitizer product is a new and practical product, and today, when the use of hand sanitizers to clean hands from germs and viruses has become necessary, applicants can use this product to disinfect their hands.

In the ingredients of this product, high quality raw materials have been used and this product has been produced in a completely sterile and equipped laboratory. This product is prepared in special packages so that the consumer can easily use it.

70% alcohol is used in Soart hand sanitizer compounds and this amount of alcohol is standard for a hand sanitizer and some people believe that the more alcohol the sanitizer hand is better, but the amount of alcohol It should be sized and more than the standard is not recommended at all.

In addition to 70% alcohol, Soart hand sanitizer also uses plant extracts such as aloe vera extract and green tea extract, which are very effective in preventing dry skin and do not damage the skin of the hand.

The use of alcohol alone can cause dryness on the skin of the hands. By combining emollients and plant extracts, the skin of the hands remains soft and supple as in the past.

Alcohol used in hand sanitizers

We have described the specifications of Soart sanitizer product above, but for clarification, it is necessary to consider a few points.

The alcohol used in hand sanitizers is ethanol alcohol, which is not harmful to the skin of the hands, and if you do not have access to water and detergents, you can use this product to disinfect your hands.

Ethanol and methanol are very similar to each other, but methanol is the same as industrial alcohol, the use of which can cause serious damage to the skin of the hand, and many people confuse ethanol and methanol with each other.

In the following, we will explain the difference between these two alcohols so that you can become more familiar with it.

Specifications of ethanol alcohol

  • Liquid and colorless
  • Has a strong and burning smell
  • Flammable and burns with a blue flame if burned
  • Can be used in hand sanitizers
  • In terms of acidity, it is a weak acid compared to water
  • Inedible

Specifications of methanol alcohol

  • A colorless liquid with a much higher acidity than water
  • Sharper odor than ethanol alcohol
  • Flammable and burns with a yellow flame if burned
  • Inedible and highly toxic and eating it can even kill people.
  • Not usable for disinfecting hands
  • This alcohol can be used for industrial purposes and is in no way suitable for disinfecting hands or surfaces.

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Important points about ethanol and methanol alcohol

Ethanol and methanol alcohols are not edible and do not even use them for mouthwash.

Drinking methanol alcohol even in small amounts can cause blindness, kidney failure, coma and even death!

Do not touch your mouth, eyes, or nose when cleaning your hands with hand sanitizer, and the ethanol alcohol in hand sanitizer can cause severe poisoning.

Buy Soart hand sanitizer

After studying the specifications of Soart hand sanitizer product, you can order this product safely.

To buy this product, you can visit the shop at and order the Soart hand sanitizer.

For more information about the product, you can contact the experts of this collection to guide you in this field.

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