• Which skin layer should PDO threads and Botulinum toxin be injected?Understand anatomy and the administration of PDO thread, Botulinum toxin easily with detailed medical illustrations!This book has been written with the basis in the anatomical illustrations with focus in clinical techniques and procedures of thread lifting and botulinum toxin injection. For the utmost clearest comprehension, the structures of the face and neck by each individual layer is demonstrated. Each figure is meticulously labeled with the thread insertion and botulinum toxin injection points for easy cross-reference with other resources. Furthermore, the injection depth data based on our anatomy publications and clinical experiences are provided in each illustration, and multiple layered illustrations of the face and upper neck are demonstrated for in-depth anatomical knowledge.-----------------------------------------Authors : Prof. Hee-Jin, Kim  |  Hyoung-Joo, Kim M.D.  |  Jung-Hyun, Yoon M.D. Medical illustrator : Prof. Kwan-Hyun, Youn Design : In-Young, Heo ISBN : 979-11-970009-0-4 Printed July 2020 124 pages + 124 overlaying pages 21 Video on pen drive (2 hours) Hardcover : Extra-large format 40 x 28 x 2.5 cm -----------------------------------------** To make online purchases, please contact online live chat as a quantity discount may be applied.** Please note that shipping and handling costs are dependent on weight, and vary depending on destination.
  • This special program set (serum + powder) improves skin complexion while increasing skin’s resilience and repairing damaged skin.

  • The CURESTEM Cell Healer series is a skin booster with maximized regeneration, healing and recovery effects containing “Human cord blood cell conditioned media”, USC1994TM developed by the top stem cell experts of the best R&D cluster in Korea through comprehensive research on human cord blood cell conditioned media.
  • CURESTEM C10 HUMAN CORD BLOOD CELL CONDITION MEDIAContains 89 of varies growth factor with great effect on Moisturizing, Hydrating, Vitality, Calming
  • Wellspot (disposable bandage)Efficacy and Effect: Absorption of secretion and protection of wounds and affected areasHow to store: Airtight container, room temperature storage (1-30°C)Usage and Capacity: Remove the peeling suitable to the size of the wounded area and attach the adhesive evenly onto the area.
  • 24K Gold Foil [Ion·Anti-oxidant effect]99.99% pure gold detoxifies wastes and impurity and helps skin to regenerate cell in order to increase the skin firmness. This finally stimulates whitening and anti-aging effects.
  • FEATURESANTI WRINKLE EYE CONTOUR is a unique gel-type cream that is absorbed deeply and quickly into the skin, delivering a deep moisturizing effect to the eyes contour, and constantly moisturizing the skin to relieve the wrinkles. Contains polyquaternium component which is two times more
  • P-LL(Lipolytic Solution) 5ml x 10vials / Set

    This body contouring solution enhanced by high concentration of fast acting patented peptides provides ultimate solution for body firming and sliming by integrated action for lipocare
  • My Neck Mask Wrinkle Improvement Mask. The thinnest part of skin on human is neck. Thus, neck is really dry. Plus, due to that dryness, it has the fastest aging process and neck aging leads to facial aging too. Moreover, modern people sitting in front of computers for long hours and using smart phones for many hours are prone to have more neck wrinkles.
  • Oxygen is an essential element for life. It is Oxygen time for the skin life. Pure white skin created by Oxygen bubble from Oxyjet Elixir Therapy. Condensed fresh oxygen is fast absorbed to remove free radicals that cause aging, delivering hydrating nutrients at the same time enough to help the skin look clear. This oxygen treatment procedure to maintain the best result is recommended to use once a week, successive 10 treatments.
  • STANDARD PROCEDURE OF ABSORBABLE THREAD LIFTING  With the publication of “Standard Procedure of Absorbable Thread Lifting”, the authors are very pleased on one side and very responsible on the other. Various kinds of non-surgical methods have been researched and implemented since the 2000s. At the same time, as various lasers and a number of high-frequency treatment devices have been developed this field is developing at a different speed than before. This has led to procedures that do not interfere with everyday life, and although these procedures have proven to be somewhat effective, they had limitations in treating skin sagging and deep wrinkles when compared to previous surgical treatments.However, the thread lifting procedure that has recently become noticed has a more definite therapeutic effect without unnatural processes like surgery. This book is intended to guide the theory of absorbable thread lifting, and at the same time, it is divided into generals and particulars. The generals give details on the history, principles and types of thread lifting, and the particulars describe the overall process from thread lifting counseling to the procedure, post-procedure care, post-procedure side effects and their solutions. The procedure methods are described mainly about three threads including the cog thread, twisted thread, and mono thread. A 15-minute video and a ‘following the video’ page are provided, with detailed instructions for cog, twisted, and mono thread operations. Also, a collection of designs based on the face shapes and the wrinkles are presented together as an appendix, which can be helpful if you refer to it before or during the procedure. Frequently asked questions in live workshops and their answers are also provided in the FAQ section. We have tried to include the contents in this book that are helpful to both beginners who are new to thread lifting as well as skillful practitioners who have already done thread lifting several times. This book is written with an emphasis on providing detailed information about the procedure scenes and instructions, and the differences and precautions of each procedure according to the contours of the individual’s face, including reference pictures, charts, tables, and photographs before and after the procedure so that the practitioner can understand and refer to them during the procedure. Especially, the details of specific treatment methods and countermeasures for side effects have been strengthened. We tried to include as many advanced understandings as possible in this book, but there was not much data found in this process, so we reviewed the published journal reviews in depth and completed the book. However, since the theories and techniques of this field are not yet fully established, and new facts and procedures are introduced, it is pre-existing theories and procedures to be revised frequently.Therefore, we are planning to supplement the insufficient parts in the future. Facial lifting with absorbable thread has proven to be simple and effective, so we have published this book to introduce absorbable thread for facial lifting. ----------------------------------------------------------------------Authors :  | Won Seok Lee  |  Sang Jun Lee  |  Hwa Jung Ryu  |  Ka Yeun Jang  |  Dong Hye Suh  | ISBN : 979-11-85375-29-8 Printed March 2019 181 Pages + 15 Minutes Video Guide Hardcover :  21.5 x 27.5 x 2.2 cm ----------------------------------------------------------------------** To make online purchases, please contact online live chat as a quantity discount may be applied.** Please note that shipping and handling costs are dependent on weight, and vary depending on destination.
  • It contains ingredients that help eliminate localized fat, and at the same time stimulate blood circulation and cell metabolism, improving the elimination of toxins. Cream indicated for reducing and remodelling treatments.
  • The Désembre At Home Cell Lift S - PDRN Therapy is an extremely perfect treatment for effective skin regeneration and revitalization. With ingredients extracted from salmon and active ingredients that are beneficial to the skin, Désembre At Home Cell Lift S - PDRN Therapy is a line of skin care and therapies used at home that are perfect for creating so the stretch, youthfulness, regenerating skin texture, increasing radiant beauty.
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