Natural hair loss

In this article, we are going to talk about natural hair loss and examine how natural hair loss is and what are the best ways to maintain and hygienic hair.

Hair loss is a problem that affects many men and women of all ages and is sometimes severe and sometimes mild. There are several reasons for hair loss, and to stop this problem, you should look for the main reason.

Some people believe that when hair loss occurs even in small amounts, hair will no longer grow in its place. Hair growth factors depend on different factors, and removing blur from the hair does not mean that it does not regrow.

Hair loss is not the same in different people and even its severity is different in men and women. Hair loss is usually more common in men and in the elderly, it can be seen how they have lost their hair.

Hair loss also occurs in women, although not comparable to men, but for various reasons this problem occurs for most women. Heredity and genetics are the main causes of natural hair loss.

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How Much Hair Loss Is Natural Hair Loss?

If every person loses between 50 and 100 hairs daily, natural hair loss has occurred and there is no need to worry. Dead hair is removed and new hair grows in its place.

Many people believe that if hair loss occurs, nothing can be done and new hair will not grow if this is not the case. You must have seen that when you comb your hair, several more hairs stick to it. These hair strands are dead hair and can no longer grow.

This small number is not a cause for concern, and new hairs grow in their place, and the newer the hair grows, the fresher the hair becomes. These are more common in young people, and new hair follicles will grow after each small amount of hair loss.

The more hygienic the hair, the less hair loss occurs and one of the most important factors for hair health and freshness is hair maintenance and hygiene. Hair is very sensitive and is affected by factors such as weather and pollution.

The detergent and shampoo you use must be standard and suitable for your hair. The amount of hair washed per week affects their growth and health.

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Ways to prevent hair loss

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