Hair loss problems

In this article, we are going to address the Hair loss problems that many people are involved in. They have tried many treatments but have not achieved good results.

Hair loss is a problem that can occur to any individual and the cause may be different in each individual and there are different treatments for it. Hair loss occurs naturally and abnormally, which we will examine below.

Natural hair loss

Hair loss in which a person has no role and occurs for no particular reason is called natural hair loss. Everyone loses a number of hairs on a daily basis and a small amount of hair loss is normal on a daily basis.

Scientists have researched that it is normal to lose about 100 hairs a day and new hair grows instead. This number increases with age, and again, this is normal and does not count as hair loss problems.

With age, some cells in the body become weak and do not have the former function, and one of them is hair growth and repair cells. These cells are responsible for hair growth and repair, and as they age, their efficiency decreases, resulting in more hair loss.

Some people have short hair from the beginning and their hair growth cells do it less quickly. These cases do not occur in everyone and one of the reasons may be hereditary.

Many consider hair loss to be normal due to heredity and others to be abnormal. Hair loss and poor hair growth at an early age can be rooted in heredity and is a topic that needs to be researched to find the cause.

Hereditary problems can last for several generations, and hair loss can be due to heredity. This type of hair loss is not a cause for concern, and you can definitely treat it at any stage by pursuing treatment options.

One of the best hair loss treatments is the use of AAPE, which can completely eradicate hair loss problems. If you are disappointed with different treatments, you only need to use this product once to see the result.

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Abnormal hair loss

Sometimes hair loss occurs abnormally and this is abnormal. Abnormal hair loss has many causes that are different in each person, and in the following, we will examine the most common causes of abnormal hair loss.

Hair loss due to disease: Some diseases affect the immune system and cause some cells in the body to not work properly. Some diseases, such as cancer, may directly cause hair loss, but hair growth will resume after complete cure.

Drug-induced hair loss: Although medications can cure, they can cause problems in the body. Taking some medications may cause hair loss, and hair growth will continue as before after stopping the medication.

Hair loss due to poor hygiene: It is very important to follow the health tips in hair. Hair should be washed regularly with water and detergents such as shampoo. Outdoors, there are contaminants that settle on the hair, causing it to become dirty and weak.

Late washing of the hair causes the accumulation of fat on the scalp, which impairs hair growth. Hygiene, especially the causes of scalp hair, should be observed regularly, and lack of hygiene will definitely cause hair loss.

Hair loss due to pregnancy: Women generally change their hormones during pregnancy and develop disorders such as mood swings, nutrition, hair loss and appearance. After delivery, these cases return to the previous state and there is no need to worry.

Hair loss due to the use of hair styling gels and sprays: Many young people use a variety of hair styling sprays and gels to make their hair more beautiful. These products do not cause any problems if used in very small quantities and in a short time.

But its frequent and excessive use affects hair growth cells and causes hair loss in the long run. To prevent hair loss, after using these products, you should immediately wash your hair thoroughly with water and shampoo.

Hair loss due to lack of vitamins and proteins: Some people suffer from deficiencies of vitamins and proteins due to not consuming certain foods. Hair needs protein and vitamins in food to grow.

If the body cannot compensate for these deficiencies and does not deliver protein to hair growth cells, hair growth disorders will occur. This problem may occur more often in children and poor nutrition may be the main reason.

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Solve hair loss problems with AAPE product

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