Hair loss occurs in both men and women and there are many different reasons. Hair grows with the help of growth and repair cells along with vitamins and proteins in the body, and these cells continue to function from childhood to old age. But sometimes things happen that these cells do not do their job properly.

Most causes are shared in hair loss in men and women, but some of the causes are more common for each. Hair loss can be treated in any period and so far many drugs have been developed to treat hair loss. One of these drugs is AAPE, which is very strong against hair loss and you can use it to see your hair grow again.

This product is made of the latest and most up-to-date technology and is very popular among consumers. If you want to buy this product, refer to the online store of the site and order your desired product. In the following, we will examine the causes of hair loss in men and women together.

Hair loss in men

Hair loss in men and women

Hair loss is more common in men, so if you suffer from severe hair loss, its effect is quite visible. Hair loss can occur at any age, if left untreated.

Sometimes hair loss occurs naturally and is not a cause for concern. Normally, each person loses about 100 hairs per day, which are replaced by new hairs. Sometimes, with age, some cells in the body, including hair growth cells, do not do their job properly. This is quite normal and happens to most older people and there is nothing to worry about.

Hair loss at a young age has several causes, possibly due to illness, poor hair hygiene, stress, or heredity. If you are at any stage of hair loss, you can treat it by timely referral. Young people should take hair hygiene seriously, and one of the most common causes of skin diseases and hair loss is due to poor hygiene.

Hair loss in women

Hair loss in men and women

Hair loss in women has common causes with men and some of the reasons are different from men. One of the most common causes of hair loss in women is during pregnancy. During pregnancy, women’s hormones change and hair growth cells do not do their job well, which is why hair loss occurs. Of course, this is a temporary issue. Shortly after childbirth, hair growth returns to normal.

Hair loss during pregnancy

Another cause of hair loss in women is a lack of vitamins and proteins. Cells need vitamins and proteins to grow hair, which are found in food. To solve this problem, you can change your diet and use foods with vitamins and proteins. Of course, this problem also occurs in children, and if they have a wrong diet, they will suffer from problems such as hair loss, short stature, being thin, and so on.

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