Hair loss during pregnancy

Hair loss during pregnancy may occur for some women, which is normal and can be easily treated.

Hair loss during pregnancy has various causes that can be prevented by examining it. Women during pregnancy may suffer from disorders due to hormonal changes, one of which is hair loss.

During pregnancy, the secretion of progesterone increases, which causes the hair to break and dry out. Of course, in most women, this improves after childbirth. In addition to hair loss during pregnancy, birth control pills and abortions may cause hair loss.

Causes of hair loss during pregnancy

In the following, we will examine the causes of hair loss during pregnancy, and perhaps only one of the following reasons causes hair loss in women during pregnancy.

  • Hormonal changes

As we have said, hormonal changes occur during pregnancy and these changes disrupt the hair growth process.

  • Genetic factors

Genetic factors vary from person to person and may cause hair loss during pregnancy.

  • Inappropriate diet

Nutrition is very important during pregnancy and in addition to meeting the needs of the fetus, the mother’s body must also meet the needs of her body. Having a good and nutritious diet can prevent hair loss to some extent. Deficiencies of iron, protein, vitamins and other minerals can cause hair loss and physical weakness.

Many pregnant women experience nausea and vomiting during the first months of pregnancy, which is normal and reduces their desire to eat. Lack of appetite and lack of proper nutrition can cause deficiencies in the mother’s body.

  • Having a disease

Some women may have illnesses before pregnancy and with them during pregnancy and even after pregnancy. For example, diabetes and high blood pressure can cause hair loss.

Also, taking certain medications, such as blood pressure medications, may increase hair loss, and you should inform your doctor about this.

There are many reasons for hair loss during pregnancy and the ones mentioned above are the most common reasons in this regard. Other reasons include combing too much hair, tying the hair the way the hair is pulled, using hair dye and chemicals, etc. that cause hair loss.

Use AAPE product to prevent hair loss

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