In this article, we are going to review hair care methods together so that you can take good care of your hair so that you do not suffer from hair loss and skin diseases. Hair is one of the most influential aspects of the human face and plays an important role in a person’s beauty. Hair is genetically different in terms of color and type, and even where it lives is affected by color and type.

You must have seen that the people of Africa have dark and black hair and the people of North Asia have lighter blonde hair. It does not matter what color or model your hair is, and in any case, you should take care of your hair so that it does not fall out. Hair loss depends on a number of factors, most of which are hair loss. Here are some hair care methods.

causes of  hair loss

  • Regular washing of hair

If you do not wash your hair for a long time, it will cause a disease in the scalp, which if you ignore it, will cause more problems. Skin fungus is one of the most common diseases in adolescents and children and one of the causes is unclean hair. This disease is common in children and to avoid it, hair cleanliness should be considered.

If there is air pollution in your area, you should wash your hair as soon as possible. Germs are tiny particles that are part of the air pollutants and sit on the hair and make the hair dirty. If it stays on the scalp for a long time, it can cause disease in the hair.

Doctors recommend that you wash your hair well with shampoo every two days on average to remove all the dirt from your hair and scalp so that your hair is as fresh and fresh as before. Hair cleanliness affects hair growth and freshness, and the more you care about your hair, the less you will get skin diseases and problems.

Hair care methods

  • Minimize the use of hair spray and gel

The use of chemical solutions and sprays to condition the hair may cause hair growth disorders. These products are made of chemicals and if they are used too much, hair growth cells lose their efficiency and cause hair loss. To keep the hairstyle stable, these products have the task of keeping the hair in the same condition. Hair sprays and gels adhere to the hair like a strong adhesive and do not shake the hair.

If you use these products, do not leave them on your hair for a long time and then wash your hair thoroughly with detergent to remove the effect from your hair in general.

Hair care methods


  • Combing and blow-drying hair

Combing is not a problem for the hair and even allows air to reach all parts of the head, but the type of combing is important. If you pull the comb firmly on your hair, it will cause the hair to fall out and it should be done slowly and without force. Excessive hair drying can damage hair growth cells, and if a hair dryer is used too much, it can cause hair loss in the long run. Drying your hair with a low degree of hair dryer is not a problem, and if you are going to dry your hair with a towel, do it gently so that it does not pull out your hair strands. Take hair care methods seriously and not following them will cause you problems.

Hair care methods

Use of AAPE product

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